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  1. Fred Hembeck (2010)

    Fred Hembeck (2010)


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Kenner, 1983.


    Kenner, 1983.


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  4. are2:

I’m a slave for you

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  5. A weird Valentine to give, a weird Valentine to receive.

    A weird Valentine to give, a weird Valentine to receive.


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  8. all that glitters ain’t gold

    all that glitters ain’t gold

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  10. jeffrubinjeffrubin:

    Fun fact about Star Wars toys you probably didn’t know! The first four official figures were Luke, Leia, Chewie, and R2. Darth Vader wasn’t in the original set!

    It’s hard to find a new angle on Star Wars, but I think the documentary Plastic Galaxy might have done have it. It’s the story of the action figures which, separately from the movies, had their own impact that forever changed both toys and film. 

    How did the masterminds at Kenner do it? This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Plastic Galaxy director Brian Stillman stops by to answer that very question. We also argue about Avatar. Listen on iTunes or

    Plastic Galaxy comes out 9/14 at

    One of my favorite podcasts just released an episode on one of my favorite subjects.  Check it out as well as the new documentary Plastic Galaxy!


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